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Thao Vo

Professional Abstract Artist

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“Painting means capturing beauty in a snap of Life.”

Autodidact, I had this incredible feeling of having painted all my life the very moment I touched a brush.

Meditating in front of the white canvas and then guided by my instinct, I project on it my emotions and the chaos of my thoughts. Playing the part of my soul without boundaries nor decency governs my artist life.

Being more self-contained in life, when I paint, I stop thinking. I am firing up with sensibility the patwork of colors and matters while still paying respect to the harmony of geometric or organic shapes, with space and time disruption… I am a lover of life, its secrets and poetry… my paintings are loaded with the energy of life light. I am a tenant of abstract art, though I combine styles to explore new alleys…

My vision of art is based on desire and envy… the need for freedom in creation, reflecting our true authentic self. The continuous questioning of certainties, the appetite to learn can be felt in all gestures, allowing permanent reinvention and unleashing your best to the world.

I work with brushes and knives, whatever material the canvas is, be it cloth, linen, cotton, plastic or wood. I love the feeling of sliding on these virgin materials that wait to be vested and reborn… I wish my paintings bring joy, inspiration and freedom to the people that cross my life-path…

May I at least contribute to offer them a sparkle of dream and fulfilment.

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    My story

    Born in Dalat (Vietnam) in 70', I had to leave my country at the age of 6 due to tragic political events that triggered the wave of “Boat People” emigration to Europe and North America.

    Eldest of a family of four kids, my father a doctor and my mother a shopkeeper, not speaking French on arrival, I have developed a very strong mindset, positively inclined to complete my Business School studies in France and UK.

    For more than 20 years, I have hold management roles in HR, working for global multinationals and corporations in Paris, UK and later in Toulouse where I have landed in 2012. My professional career as well as my two sons, Arthur and Mathis respectively born in 2009 and 2010 (who later inspired me the “Mat by Art” brand name) made me feel totally fulfilled... or nearly.

    The disappearance of my Dad a few years later has triggered a deep questioning about the meaning of life for me… which road to take to be my true self, what contribution I could do to mankind… that was the beginning of renunciation, a deep questioning of my beliefs and education.

    I was already quite versed into personal development, exploring meditation, conferences, workshops, readings and trainings…. More was I looking for my “Ikigai” (i.e. the concept of was is right and true for one self-life), more was I breaking the rules and guiding principles that have structured my life for so many years…

    Quickly, I have strongly felt that almost painful feeling to express myself freely, without constraints or barriers, far away from social rules… I had to let my creative side express itself venturing outside of socially acceptable boundaries.

    And that’s naturally in the painting that I have found myself… and reconnected with my true self.

    I have started to paint modestly in the beginning… but it quickly ramped-up to become a daily routine. After having taken some technical classes and inspiring myself with Zao WOU-KI (China) and Pierre SOULAGES (FR), I felt I was on the right track to bring joy and energy to all the people.

    Unhearthing my origins of uprooted infant who reached a totally unknown country in the winter of 1978, miles away from home, I today feel rooted, fully aligned to who I am and what I want to be.

    Painting helps me connecting with this little girl even more every single day.

    My art is an expression of passion, hope and freedom… a bridge between Orient and Occident despite an unwished emigration that in the end resonates with purpose and love.

    My painting Studio and Gallery

    My studio is situated Place Dupuy in Toulouse, in the centre of the "Pink City". One room is used as a showroom for finalized painting. The other one hosts my studio where paintings and empty canvas cohabit.

    I am privileged to share this site with other talented and friendly artists, all coming from various horizons. Our diverse and atypical artistic inroads bring to this shared studio a rich blend of experiences and practices

    Art comes to you

    Based on your projects, your expectations and the emotions you may want to experience at home, I would be honored to be the vector materializing your dreams.

    I can come to your home to impregnate myself with the vibrations of your living space or work based on pictures or videos you may share with me.

    Therefore, most of my creations are made to order and tailored to your needs, thus carrying an energy and soul resonating with you.